Saturday, May 8, 2010

History of Belarus Culture

The Republic of Belarus is one of what is called for convenience the former Soviet republics. This country is relatively new to most of the world, and people in the West as a rule only know what rare comments in modern history textbooks can tell them. These comments are mostly related to the years after the 1917 revolution in Russia. However, the independence of Belarus is not occassional and even not the first in its history.

Belarus has its own language, culture, heritage and, of course, history, as does any other country of the world. The reason why Belarus is still generally unknown to the world is that most of its historical facts were hidden or artificially assimilated with Russian and Soviet histories. The current situation in Belarus does not encourage a lot of information about the republic to be disseminated. I myself have learned most of the facts a relatively short time ago, when true historic evidence of Belarus past became available. I hope that these notes will be helpful for all interested people who are eager to find out more about the history of this old and original country.


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