Tuesday, May 18, 2010

History of Burundi Culture

Though Burundi is one of the small countries of central Africa, it is quite densely populated. The original inhabitants of the country are the Twa Pygmies who form only 1% of the population presently. The Hutus come to this country in the 11th century followed by the Tutsis in the 14th century. Burundi Culture thus get enriched by the contribution of all these ethnic groups.

Burundi Culture includes the culture of the Hutu people who were mostly interested in agriculture. On the other hand the Tutsi people dominated the government and the military power of the country. Later the country was captured by Germany and Belgian. The rich dynasty culture of Burundi is a contribution of the Tutsis.

Culture in Burundi includes rich dance forms and music. These performance scan be seen in various ceremonies. Most of their daily works are also accompanied by music. Working of copper is a very ancient art of Burundi.

Burundi and Culture

The history of Burundi and culture of Burundi are intermingled together. The oral literature of Burundi is an integrated part of the culture of Burundi. The tales, provers, poetry and riddles reveal the life of the Burundi people. All the huts has got their own compound. The bee-hive style huts show that the rural life is quite organized. The instruments, weapons various other things that are kept in the museum offer a detail understanding of the Burundi Culture.


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